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1/4 This Week in Twitter Dot Com

Bowl week edition of some wonderful tweets. Also some tweets about basketball stuff.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl game twitter was phenomenal, but not just for our bowl game. Baylor, TCU, WVU, and KSU all had their bowl games since the last TWITDC.  I was quite enthralled with twitter this week, it was an absolute blast for me and I think y'all enjoyed some of the TTU twittersphere's fire tweets. It might get a little long but please enjoy some of my personal favorites.

"What a time, to be alive. You and yours, vs. me and mine" - anonymous.

Basketball is so much more enjoyable when your team is kickin butts and taking names.

My one wish is for twitter to expand past 140 characters to allow for more fire emojis.

SOURCES: Nick Saban to consider DB coaching position at Texas Tech. (This is false. I have no sources. I am 98% hot air and 2% milk.)

This meme was fun for the 3 hours it lasted.

May God have mercy on the poor soul that actually went through the tape and counted this.

I know two Nick Saban's in one post is hard to stomach but I like my 2% milk comment earlier and I peed a little when I saw this vine. No more Saban I promise.

Honestly I can't remember which catch/noncatch this was referencing but it is always relevant. Always.

I don't know Matthew, but I'm sure we would be friends.

The whole world needs to see this tweet.

This is my favorite tweet that I have ever tweeted, and it isn't particularly close.

Any tweet that makes me audibly cackle deserves more than 4 likes. @skippable done good with this'n.

This was probably the most important tweet this week in the TTU twittersphere. Honestly I can't say enough about what a great dude Davis is. I think I speak for all Red Raiders in saying thanks for all you did here Mr. Webb, and best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Classy Kliff, I'm glad he's my team's coach.

FINALLY! We made it to the game good gravy Brice stop tweeting so dang much.

The masses required some positivity after a bit of a rough game.

Just know that whenever it gets bad VTM will be here to comfort you with sarcasm and puppy gifs.

Sometimes you just find the perfect gif.

Pat did some pretty great stuff in that game, my capslock took over.

We sounded the alarms!

Our clanga clanga friends over in Starkville didn't like our bells. How unfortunate.

At least somebody was having fun!

More proper meme usage.

Aaaand I saved the best for last. If you made it this far this is your treat. This is the end of football season so the amount of fire tweets will probably decline. I hope you enjoyed the last football edition of TWITDC. As always @ me on @vivathematador or @80gradewhitt. If you aren't following both of those accounts please fix your mistake immediately. Anyways love y'all and I'll see you around the internet.