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The perfect college football Saturday

Even more of us than usual don’t get to tailgate or be in the stand, so here is how to maximize the watching experience

College basketball season will start on November 25th—here are the details

Texas Tech basketball WILL be played this year!

Grading the Texas Tech defense after the lackluster performance vs. Houston Baptist

That was a rough game to start the 2020 season, but just how poorly did the defense grade out?

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The Air Raid Podcast #232: Recap Texas Tech vs HBU

The worst win in Texas Tech Football’s history explained.

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How Texas Tech can salvage this season

The fanbase is in full panic mode, but can Wells flip the script heading into a critical conference opener?

Offensive position grades after a pyrrhic victory over the Huskies

In what was an awful night for the program, how did the offense perform?

Making sense of last night’s embarrassing win against Houston Baptist

That sucked, a lot.

Why it’s fair to put pressure on Matt Wells after dismal season opener

Everyone’s dealing with the same distractions, so toss that excuse out the window. Tech played awfully Saturday.

Success and failure can be defined this year despite the pandemic

While Wells and the program will largely get a pass for this season, there are sign posts to find meaning.

The Air Raid Podcast #231: 2020-21 Season Preview

It’s TIME! Let’s take a step back from positions and look at the season as a whole.

The Air Raid Podcast #230: FB Position Preview - TE/QB

If we’re going to win any games this season, we’re going to need a quarterback.

Matt Wells has the program headed in the right direction, fans say

A recent poll of Red Raider fans shows that the majority believe in Wells and the future of Tech football

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The Air Raid Podcast #229: FB Position Preview - DL

The defensive line might be the difference maker in Tech’s ability to defend the pass this year

The Air Raid Podcast #228: FB Position Preview - OL

A preview of the Offensive Line unit for Texas Tech Football

The Air Raid Podcast #227: FB Position Preview - Linebackers

A preview of Texas Tech’s Linebackers heading into 2020.

The absolutely perfect Big 12 venue ranking

The definitive ranking of toughest places to play in the Big 12

The Air Raid Podcast #226: FB Position Preview - Running Back

A preview of Texas Tech’s running game heading into 2020.

These three areas will define Texas Tech’s upcoming season

Wells needs these big changes to happen to change the course in Year Two.

Defensive lineman transfer Tyree Wilson has joined the Red Raiders

Matt Wells land another immediate transfer, this time from Texas A&M.

The Rise: Finale

The end to a remarkable season.

The Air Raid Podcast #225: Texas Tech WBB Hires Krista Gerlich

Following the removal of Marlene Stollings, Texas Tech Women’s Basketball hires Krista Gerlich.

Scott qualifies for U.S. Open

Texas Tech standout earns national recognition

An earlier game against Texas may be to Wells’ advantage

Looking prematurely at Texas Tech’s first conference game of the pandemic season

Texas Tech hires Krista Gerlich as new Lady Raiders basketball coach

The former UT-Arlington head coach just came off of the best two-year stretch in the school’s history. Now she’ll be coaching back at her alma mater.

POLL: Do you actually want to go to a game with 25 percent capacity?

There are pros and cons to attending a game with a mostly empty stadium, but one thing is certain—it’s gonna be weird no matter how you watch.

Previewing and predicting Tech’s new season schedule

The 2020 season is on for the Red Raiders and we’ve got your season preview for what will be an interesting year in college football.

Your favorite team not playing football this year? Root for Texas Tech!

Big Ten and Pac 12 friends, here’s why Texas Tech is a no brainer team to root for in the fall.

Opinion: Texas Tech needs to embrace a rivalry with Oklahoma State

The Big 12 needs another rivalry to keep its eyes on: why not Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State

BREAKING: Big 12 says “play-on” for 2020

Announcement comes hours after reports surfaced that the Big 12 has decided to play as planned this fall.

Opinion: this season won’t be like anything before so just accept it

Michael Macon gives his outlook on the 2020 football season

The Rise: Vol. 7

Can the Red Raiders redeem their 1-5 regular season finish with an impressive showing in the conference tournament?

The Big 12 has never been in a more powerful position

The Big Ten has officially decided to cancel their football season earlier Monday morning. What can we expect for the Big 12?

The Air Raid Podcast #224: Marlene Stollings Fired

The Air Raid Podcast reacts to the termination of Marlene Stollings

Pandemic scheduling brews opportunity for the future of the Big 12

It’s a disappointing season ahead for a number of reasons, but the conference can make significant changes going forward.

BREAKING: Texas Tech women’s basketball coach Marlene Stollings fired after player abuse allegations


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