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REPORT: Head Strength Coach Chad Dennis Dismissed

Another coach has been let go.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

One of the oft-criticized parts of Texas Tech football is their inability to finish in the 4th quarter. A very big unseen part of this is the conditioning and strength of the players on the field, which relates directly to the Strength Coach. Well Internet Commenters, rejoice, because Kliff Kingsbury has heard your cries about the inability to finish, because Head Strength Coach Chad Dennis has been dismissed.

It has been first reported by, and we expect an official announcement from the University at any second.

Dennis was on staff for three years, and was formerly of Texas A&M. He was a guy that Kingsbury brought in when he was hired. At this point, we can't say that Kliff isn't trying. He very obviously sees these things that everyone else sees in his program and is working to correct them. I'm not sure wether firing him is the answer, as I'm not really plugged into Strength Coaching circles, so I don't know who will replace him. All that I do know is that Kliff Kingsbury is very proactive.

UPDATE 2:20 PM: It's official