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New Year's Resolutions and How The College Football Playoff Is Pointless

Things the staff hopes to do better, hopes for Tech Athletics and CFB Playoff needs to die (Op-Ed)

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a pretty good year for VTM as well as Tech Athletics. In 2016 we both hope to do better and here are our hopes for both us and Tech Athletics.

1. Less sarcasm. More reporting

Its been brought to our attention on more than one occasion that the tone of our articles, at times, is less than the standard for quality journalism. From saying that Davis Webb should leave Tech, to Hunter's "Bad Jokes", the line of opinion, reporting and good natured fun has been blurred to some of our readers. So for 2016, we resolve to only pass on the most dry and uninteresting news stories without one hint of personal opinions. We hope that this will make the site more appealing to casual Tech fans.

2. More sports outside of the Big 3

Our focus has normally been on the main sports of American society; football, basketball and baseball. For 2016, we resolve to keep stories from the big 3 to the most minimum possible and include stories from other sports that are often overlooked. Intramural Ultimate Fresbee comes to mind. (We just had a student go pro this year and it was missed by all Raider outlets).

3. More timely breaking news

We here at VTM pride ourselves for bringing you the best source of news on Tech Sports you can find without paying a subscription. However, there are those who have mentioned that even for a "free" site, there are times when news breaks and it takes 15 or 30 minutes to post about it. Well, we will try to work around our jobs, families and trips to Tech games to be more timely with some of our reports. Oh by the way, the "Bubble" just south of The Jones collapsed last night. Can't wait to see our new indoor facility hold up to the Lubbock weather.

Finally, we resolve that the College Football Playoff experiment be terminated as we see the 1 and 2 seeds blow out the 3 and 4 seeds in their respective games. More football isn't always good football and would also be less risk for student athletes who were injured yesterday. Just like during March Madness, the Final Four is usually always the top seeds, let's go head and cut the basketball playoff down to 1-4 seeds. I mean come on #16 seeds, who are you kidding? You're the guy that gets invited to the party, but no one ever talks to.

And if the CFB playoff isn't ended, can we resolve to not have it on New Year's Eve again?

I'm just sitting here waiting for the filler bowl games to start. So much better than the playoff games were.