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The Air Raid Podcast LSU

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Mickey Peters and Tramain Swindall both jump on the Podcast, which is why it's SUPER long


Ok. It's almost two hours long. You'll have to take breaks or listen to it on a long trip, but it's great stuff. Really. And in case you missed our prediction article that got a lot of you riled up, you can find it here. If nothing else just watch it for the Good Will Hunting scene haha. And to bring my Good Will Hunting/Davis Webb storyline to its conclusion... 

  • We say good-bye to Davis Webb
  • We talk Baker Mayfield
  • We talk the Texas Bowl
  • We talk O-Line issues
  • We talk LSU's physicality
  • We talk Joe Mixon

Huge shout out to Mickey and Tramain who stayed up late to talk with us after working all day. Can't say enough about these guys and their willingness to help out with the podcast. Just goes to show that we Red Raiders are really a family and tend to go out of our way when asked to. You can follow both on Twitter at @mickeyp86 and @tswindall11

Note: At the 49 minute mark, or thereabouts, there was an issue in the recording during playback. Its not a clean transition, because I wanted to get the most conversation from Tramain and Mickey that I could for y'all


Sadly this is the last Podcast for 2015 and the last on the schedule for awhile. The next one is probably in the Spring Game area, so we will talk to you then. In the meantime, get ready... 2016's season will be here before you know it!