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Texas Tech Takes Joe Robinson From SCAR To Be ST Coach

Texas Tech has added a new Special Teams coordinator to the coaching staff

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

In what seems to many like a surprising move, Texas Tech has added former South Carolina Special Teams Coordinator Joe Robinson to the coaching staff. Joe Robinson was the ST Coordinator for the past 4 years at South Carolina, and his expertise should help us out a lot in the Special Teams department.

Robinson is an old West Texas guy out of my hometown of Abilene, Texas. While his Gamecocks didn't have an exceptional season on the scoreboard, Robinson led them to 7th in the nation in net punting (barf), 24th in kickoff return defense, and 30th in punt returns for 2015. His work with former SCAR star Ace Sanders was exceptional, and he turned Sanders into one of the premier punt returners in the country.

I was originally very unnecessarily skeptical about this hire, as I don't know much about Special Teams coaches and coaching Special Teams in general, but his statistics and the highlights from his unit look very promising. If we can get some of these explosive young people in the open next year, we'll have another solid facet of our game. I'm looking forward to what Joe Robinson can bring to our football program in 2016.