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The Replacements: Offense

Taking a peek at who's going to fill some big shoes in 2016

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly, we're having to say goodbye to some fan favorites this year. Guys that won't ever be truly replicated. The nature of college football is that these guys get replaced over time. Let's look at some names that we'll hear much more often in 2016.

Slot Receiver - Cameron Batson

Replacing a guy like Jakeem Grant is a tall order, but I believe that Cameron Batson is up to the task. While Grant's explosive speed can't be replaced, Batson has the frame to become a very dependable guy for us in the slot. He had 29 catches on 39 targets this year, totaling 327 yards. We need a guy who can become consistent in this role. Batson is going to have to be that guy.

Running Back - Corey Dauphine/Justin Stockton

I don't think that Stockton is going to get the most starts next year, that probably will go to Dauphine. This isn't knocking Stockton, he's a great running back. I just think he fits the change-of-pace style better. While Dauphine gets used to the speed of the college game, Stockton should start for the first couple of games. I expect to see Dauphine take over more of the carries as the year goes on. No matter what happens, we're stacked at this position, especially with DeMarcus Felton in the rotation too. We have three capable running backs, which is a great problem to have.

Offensive Line - Robert Castaneda/Paul Stawarz

The offensive line is going to be the hardest to predict, as we won't really see position changes and such until spring football. I personally expect Stawarz, winner of the Craziest Name competition, to be moved somewhere where he plays often, if not starts. I expect the same from Castaneda. Those are the two that i'm absolutely certain will see some reps with the first team, there are many others that could step up.