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Texas Tech Defensive Line Coach John Scott Jr. Resigns

Per Texas Tech spokesperson, Blayne Beal, Texas Tech's defensive line coach John Scott, Jr. has resigned.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Per Texas Tech, defensive line coach John Scott, Jr. has resigned:

As noted above, Scott completed his second year at Texas Tech and was the only defensive coach, other that Matt Wallerstedt, that was not a former alum.  This means that Texas Tech may be looking to replace a linebackers coach, which Wallerstedt coached before his resignation, and now the defensive line spot.

In terms of production, Scott was relatively young and the defensive line, I think because of personnel, had issues doing much of anything in terms of stopping opposing offenses.

Without reading too much into this, I wonder if this is a harbinger of a bigger move that would affect the defensive coordinator position.  Double-T 104.3's Chris Level has indicated that head coach Kliff Kingsbury maybe had a two to three week timetable to announce a new defensive coordinator.  Prior to the Iowa State game, Kingsbury indicated that he wanted to move quickly, but didn't necessarily have a time frame (which I think matches up with what Level is saying in terms of time frame):

Q. Do you have any idea when you'll decide on a defensive coordinator, when he becomes full‑time or if you'll go after somebody else?
I don't. I'm sure very soon after the season we'll try to get it sorted out because you have recruiting coming up in January. But I don't have a timetable right now.

Q. Do you think it could affect recruiting defensive players?
I'm not sure. I think players know coaches come and go, so they have to fall in love with the school for the right reasons, so I couldn't say either way on that.

Q. If you were to hire another defensive coordinator, do you know where you'll look for another position coach?
I probably have a pretty good idea. As this thing goes, you focus on what you've got to accomplish, but you start collecting ideas as well.

The last question and answer seems to indicate that Kingsbury has a pretty good handle on where things might be headed.

Scott was an incredibly likable person and I wish him the best.