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Texas Tech Football vs Arkansas: 10 Quick Overreactions

That was a good win!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

That was an exciting game! If I am honest, I wouldn't have predicted this prior to the season. I ESPECIALLY wouldn't have counted on a double-digit win.

  1. That....was.....awesome! Not that insightful a way to start my top 10, but who cares. Going on the road and beating an SEC opponent is not something a lot of people expected this season.
  2. We have obviously shown improvement through three games. In fact, I will say I have seen improvement in all three phases of the game. The offensive is deadly. The defense can hold their own. The special teams are not a liability. Although the missed FG was ugly.
  3. This is the biggest win since Arizona State a year and a half ago. It is good to feel relevant again. #feelsgoodman
  4. The biggest issue I had with this game was missed tackles. We would have looked a lot better on defense if they hadn't missed so many tackles.
  5. On the flip side, turnovers and penalties have been much improved this season. The two turnovers tonight were not terrible. One was nothing more than a punt and the other was a hail mary at the end of the half. For the first time in a long time I didn't feel like I was watching a sloppy team for most of the game.
  6. Check off Mahomes being cool on the road and under pressure. He did that and then some. It doesn't get much bigger than an SEC road game.
  7. The offensive line played well. I think this was their best game of the season.
  8. I said the key stat of game was 5.0 yards per rush for Arkansas. They ended the game at 5.3 yards per carry. Overall that is a solid effort. I was more concerned with our secondary, but think that was more of game plan on our end to keep everything in front of us and not give up the big play, which we didn't.
  9. Glad to see Reginald Davis play well. Another weapon on the outside to go with Grant, Sadler and Lauderdale makes the offense one of the most dangerous in the nation. He looks  like he is coming into his own.
  10. How big is next week's game? Is it possible to win two big ones in a row? We shall soon find out.

Enjoy the win! Proud of the team and coaches for their hard work paying off.