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Texas Tech Monday Press Conference

Kingsbury discusses Arkansas, Bielema comments and looks ahead to TCU

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After a huge win on the road, some out of character comments and a top 5 opponent coming to Lubbock, what does Coach Kingsbury have to say going forward?

Notable Kliff Kingsbury Quotes:

Q: Did you tell the players before the game about Bielema's comments from the HS football conference?

KK: No.

Q: Do you want to talk about this today?

KK: *Shakes Head* "No". *Smiles*

Q: Did you hear from any High School coaches yesterday?

KK: I've moved on from it. What was said, was said and getting ready for TCU.

Q: Do you have any regrets, you'd like to make your point. Have you talked to him?

KK: It is what it is really. I've moved on with TCU.

Q: What's the biggest thing you're concerned with, with TCU?

KK: Everything. Their offense is as dynamic as I've seen when you talk about breaking down position by position. Very veteran offensive line. Most dynamic player in the country at quarterback. An NFL running back. A couple of NFL wide receivers. Young guys that can make plays. It is very, very troublesome on offense and then defensively, I've always thought Gary Patterson is one of the top minds in the country. I know they've had some injuries, but you watch the film and he's got guys he can plug in that are making plays. And they are always in the right spot and always coached do to what they are supposed to do. So he's got it rolling right along.

Q: Last week you talked about the team doesn't forget exactly how the game went a year ago. Do you think there is that same sentiment going into facing TCU game consider the 82 points?

KK: I would think so.


KK: Yeah I don't know if it does or not. I just know as a former player, I didn't forget any of the losses.

Q: You went back and watch the film from last week is there anything that stuck out to you did't look...

KK: I didn't see Pat throw a block on running the option, that he'll never do again. That was about it.

Q: Going into last week you said you thought you were the better team, did you communicate that to the players and how do you do that?

KK: That's something I'd like to keep in house. Just looking at the progression that we made from week 1 to week 2 and the other team make from week 1 to week 2, I felt like we were the better team.

Q: Confidence, certainly, seems to be your favorite. How do you keep that going forward?

KK: Just keep working harder. Once you get into conference play the ante goes up and you have work that much harder and prepare that much better. I think the only way to remain confident is to know you've done everything in your power, during the week, to prepare for that game. We'll try to do that this week.

Q: You've outscored opponents 41-3 in the second half through 3 games. Do you attribute half time adjustments to some of that success in the 3rd quarter specifically?

KK: I'm not sure. It's been a big emphasis. Talked about it a lot. We had a lot of leads, last year, and never were able to build on that. So we talked a lot about finishing and being a second half team and hopefully that continues. But they've played well coming out of halftime so far.

Q: With the performance of the defense last weekend, how much confidence does that give you going into the game this week?

KK; They are going to see a whole other beast this week, with what TCU does and the dynamic athletes they have so it's really apples and oranges.

On Defense...

KK: I think maturity, a lot. They all went through it last year, I think 9 of those guys are back. Coach Gibbs coming in, new scheme, the way he handles himself, his calm demeanor the players feed off of that. Coach Smith his work with the defensive line has been awesome. Coach Spavital joining our staff and working with the  linebackers has really helped, so it's a lot of things that have just gone into getting them better each week.

Q: A win this week will give you as many wins as you had last year...

KK: Thanks for pointing that out...

Q: How do you guard against letting down?

KK: Going through what these guys went through last year. There won't be a let down.