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Red Raiders 11, California 8

Tech gets another top 10 win, beating #9 California 11-8

1. Red Raider of the Game

Corey Raley, who came into the game with 3 career home runs, launched a ball deep to start off the 2nd inning, and then again in the 7th inning after Tech had blown a 5-0 lead, and was down 8-5. Raley's 2nd shot would tie the game and Tech wouldn't trail the rest of the game.

2. Play That Impacted the Game

In the 8th inning, with the game still tied at 8, Smith hit an infield single with 2 outs which brought Gardner in to take the lead. As the Cal shortstop went to throw the ball to 1st, the throw was wide, and Davis went to score from 1st. As this was happening Smith advanced to 3rd and the 1st baseman tried to catch Davis at the plate, but the throw went all the way into the Red Raider dugout, which let Smith score. All of this off an infield single. 3 runs, 11-8 Tech.

3. Stat of the Game

8. The game was tied at 8 in the 8th. Cal had 8 unearned runs and left 8 runners on base during the game.

4. Forgotten Play of the Game

A 3-run home run and a 3-run play in the 8th would not have been needed if we had not blown a 5-run lead early in the game. Cal scored 7 runs in the 5th inning that involved 5 hits, 2 stolen bases, a wild pitch, and a fielding error.

5. Big Reason Tech Won the Game

Resiliency. The team battled hard in the beginning of the game to take a lead, and after they gave it up, battled to get back in the game, and took advantage of 4 official errors by Cal, and only left 3 runners on base all game.