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Jett Duffey is flourishing in Spring ball.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

During the Red Raider's match up with LSU in the Texas Bowl, there was a break in which they awarded Jett Duffey the Dave Cambell's Mr. Texas award; He was named the top high school football player in the state. This was my first time actually seeing him up close, and I can say that just from seeing him in person, he looks like a baller. With Spring practice getting back into rhythm, Jett Duffey is fitting right into system Texas Tech plays so well.

In order to get a grasp on how good he was in high school and what he is bringing to the South Plains, I watched his Senior highlight tape where he lead Lake Ridge to a 15-1 record. He quick, he's strong, and there's a lot of his playing that resembles Mahomes. It was reported by Don Williams that Duffey had picked up the offense quicker than Mahomes did during Spring ball. It seems that Mahomes has cosigned with Duffey as his possible backup at QB. This is a great sign to see that both quarterbacks are meshing well during practice.

It's always encouraging to see that a young talent like Duffey is flourishing during the off-season. I tip my cap to the coaching staff for finding the talent that Duffey is, and also for getting him to sign his NLI and enrolling early. Duffey is serious about making a name for himself here at Texas Tech; everything that I have seen, read, and heard has confirmed that idea. He has also put on a significant amount of size since coming to Tech. His throws are tight, he looks like he's having fun out there, and he's improving everyday. I'm excited to see this kid in a game.

Everything that has been offered to Duffey, he's ran away with. The footage of his throws are nice enough to loop and look at for hours. This kid is a rising star, and he'll soon be a household name. If you're enjoying the human highlight reel that is Patrick Mahomes, you'll enjoy watching Jett Duffey do his thing in the years to come. Spring ball has gotten a lot more interesting with the rapid development of Duffey. Watch closely as he starts to grow into something special.