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Texas Tech at California Series Recap

We take a look at the series with Cal and the outlook going forward

It was a 4 game series that turned into 2 due to rainy conditions and because of that, what was a big series out west, became a HUGE series.

What We Learned:

Something Is Wrong With Moseley

As I have reported multiple times, Ryan Moseley doesn't look right. After missing his normally slotted rotation spot on Friday to open the California series, he didn't start the Saturday game either. Ryan Moseley, who started opening day and was the expectant Ace of this young staff, hasn't gotten past the 5th inning in any of his starts and didn't get out of the 4th in his last outing against Cal State Fullerton. 

Even more surprising, is Moseley came in out of the bullpen during Saturday's contest and promptly gave up 5 earned runs without recording an out. This is bad, bad news for this Red Raider team who desperately needs his veteran presence to anchor the young staff.

Again, we aren't sure if it's an injury, or tired shoulder which effects many sinkerballers, but soemthing is definitely wrong with Ryan Moseley.

Raley Coming On Strong

After spotting Tech an early lead on Saturday, Raley had to come rescue a dismal performance by the pitching staff with a 3-run HR to tie in the 7th inning. It was his second of the day and he now has 2/3 of the total HRs he had in 2015. He's batting .293 with 14 RBIs so far this season and the hope is this is just the beginning for him. 

Pitching Staff Has To Do More:

Although Tech got the split (which is huge after the series was shortened), Tech's pitching staff is getting shelled. It's not good and it's really not up for debate. Yes there are bright spots here and there, but we are look at the staff as a whole and they have to do better.

Tech's team ERA to date is 3.51, which isn't that bad. But it kind is in college. Especially when you look at TCU who leads the nation at 1.13. 

Yes Tech has had a tough schedule and yes our staff is young, but more has to be done against the elite teams than to give up 19 runs over a 2 game stretch if they want to make it back to Omaha, which right now doesn't look good.

Tech is now 9-6 on the year after starting 7-1 to start the season.