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Tech Drops Series Opener, 9-2

After an 80 minute rain delay, Tech played a late night game in soggy California, losing 9-2

1. Red Raider of the Game

With only 2 runs scored in the game, and one on a passed ball, the standout player for Tech last night was relief pitcher Dalton Brown. He came in for the 7th and 8th innings to control the damage and hope that Tech could muster up some offense. He was the only Red Raider pitcher to not give up any runs, allowing only 1 hit and facing 7 batters.

2. Play That Impacted the Game

The 5th inning was rather disastrous, where Cal scored 4 runs to really put the game out of reach. The inning was full of mistakes, mistakes that Cal was able to turn into runs. There were 2 walks, a wild pitch, a hit by pitch, and a throwing error.

3. Stat of the Game

1-for-10. The "Big 3" of Smith, Gute, and Neslony only managed 1 hit, the deep shot by Steven Smith. Smith and Neslony did have a walk apiece, but when these 3 aren't producing, it will be hard for tech to win games consistently.

4. Forgotten Play of the Game

In the 6th inning, Smith was able to connect on a pitch and sent it out of the park to left center. It was his 13th deep shot of his career, and 2nd of the season. Cal starter had retired 11 straight batters before Smith's home run.

5. Big Reason Tech Lost the Game

Cal scored in 5 of the 1st 6 innings, whereas Tech scored just once. Cal averaged 5 batters per inning, Tech only had 4. Cal was able to get the Red raiders out, and not have long innings, something that Tech couldn't do very often. The offense was quiet, and the young pitching staff couldn't keep the Bears from putting runs on the board.