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Texas Tech Knocked Out of The Big 12 Tournament By TCU, 67-62

Texas Tech is upset in the first round of the Big 12 tourney and now has to wait and see if they have done enough to make the NCAA Tournament.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sure was disappointing. Disappointing for so many reasons. We are a much better team than TCU and had so much more to play for. TCU out played Tech the entire game. Tech played with no energy or intensity until the last 30 seconds of the game and that proved to be futile. I just do not understand how a team with NCAA tournament aspirations can go out and give a performance like this.

Many out there are now calling into question whether this team will make the NCAA tourney. While I do admit a bad loss like this does nothing to help, I still fell like we are in. NCAA bids are not determined by one single game. When the selection committee evaluates the Red Raider they will consider the entire season. Tech has a strong RPI, 2nd toughest strength of schedule, and a .500 record in the toughest conference in the country. Here is a quote from Coach Tubby Smith after the game.

"The body of work we put in throughout the year, strength of schedule, wins we've had, I think we have a very good shot at getting in," Texas Tech coach Tubby Smith said of the NCAA Tournament. "We obviously didn't help ourselves tonight, but TCU -- you get into a tournament like this, somebody is going to get beat."

Game Notes

  • Zach Smith and Justin Gray were the leading scorers tonight. Both had 13 points.
  • Tech was 7 of 11 (63%) from the free throw line.
  • TCU made 10 three pointers. It was frustrating to watch Tech give up these shots.
  • Odiase played 19 minutes tonight and score 10 points. It is great to have him back, but I wonder if Tech is having trouble adjusting to his return.
So that's all folks. Now we wait until Sunday afternoon to see what the post season looks like. Will it be the big dance or the NIT?