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Recapping Texas Tech's Pro Day

Several Texas Tech players had a chance to show what they could do today. Here's a bunch of videos and analysis.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Texas Tech's Pro Day has been circled on many of our calendars due to Jakeem Grant's pseudo-prophetic end goal of running a sub-4.0 40 yard dash. While Jakeem definitely showed out at Pro Day, he wasn't the only participant. Here is the full list of participants:

  • Demetrius Alston
  • Micah Awe
  • Le'Raven Clark
  • JJ Gaines
  • Jakeem Grant
  • Branden Jackson
  • Jared Kaster
  • Rika Levi
  • Keland McElrath
  • Alfredo Morales
  • Pete Robertson
  • Taylor Symmank
  • Deandre Washington

The Big Winners:

Micah Awe had a huge day, according to's Alyssa Chrisope.

These are the kind of stats that Micah needs if he wants to continue his career, especially the mid 4.5 40 yard dash. Awe was one of the bright spots on our defense last year, and by all accounts is a very smart dude. He has the brains, he just needed the measurables to put him in contention for a free agent slot with a team.

That 4.5 is important for one reason and one reason only: it puts him in a good spot to make a roster as a Special Teams player and work his way up from there. That 4.5 speed from a linebacker is perfect for a gunner on a kickoff team, or a front-line person in kickoff return. His relentlessness will help him, but proving that he has the speed to back up his work ethic will be huge.

Deandre Washington's stock will continue to rise as he keeps doing what he does: be consistent. Washington needs to prove that he's not a flash in the pan, that he has what it takes to bring it every single down in the NFL. He doesn't need to smash his previous records to pieces, he has already set a precedent of success. He led his team in rushing at the Senior Bowl, he had a great combine, and he impressed a lot of teams. Now he needs to prove that he isn't a one-off.

By not taking a step back, Washington takes a huge step forward. He didn't need to improve on any combine numbers, so he didn't attempt to. He just needed to show that he can do the exact same things he did in position drills at the combine again, and he showed that. This display of consistency will end up helping Washington more than any bench press or 40 time can.

Le'Raven Clark didn't get a chance to shine much at the combine, as he was hurt. Unlike Deandre Washington, Clark needed to put on a dang show to help his draft stock, and put on a show he did.

Clark improved on all numbers across the board, including the all-important bench press. It only improved by 2, but 20 reps just looks a lot better on paper than 18. His crazy far broad jump and improved bench are going to solidify his stock in the draft, where he's expected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Seriously, how can we talk about skyrocketing stock without mentioning Jakeem Grant? His blazing speed and crisp routes should have spoken for themselves long before now, but I guess that some had to see it in person before they believed the hype.

It can be really easy to just heap praise here, but unfortunately, and somewhat heretically, I don't think Jakeem had a perfect day.

Grant had the blazing speed, and he returned punts excellently, but he needed to be outstanding catching the ball today. His speed is going to move him up free agent and draft boards for sure, but his catching could keep a team from taking a chance on him. I don't necessarily think that will happen, but I'm very skeptical of the Machine and very defensive of Jakeem Grant, and I'm going to be pissed if something as ridiculous as not catching 100% of his passes will keep him from the NFL.

No Colossal Moves:

Pete Robertson was a guy that needed to have a huge day and ended up struggling a tad. If I'm correct, one of the knocks on Robertson was his fluidity, and while he ran and lifted well, he seemed a little stiff. It could've been nerves, it could've been any number of things.

Pete Robertson was criminally underused last year, which led to him not getting a combine invite due to a dip in production. While I think his Pro Day was a net gain, I think there were just a few little things that are going to hold him back. Personally, I'd draft him or pick him up in free agency, but I'm crazy biased.

Hurt Their Draft Stock:

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that there is no one in this section. Every single person that participated in Texas Tech's Pro Day either exceeded or met expectations. This was a net positive for every single young man that worked out today.