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Jakeem Grant Runs 40 Yard Dash in 4.1* for Saints

What was that? What was what? I felt a breeze. Must have been Jakeem.


Reports are coming in that Jakeem Grant ran an "unofficial" 4.1, 40 yard dash. Everyone on site knew it was fast, but they were unsure how fast. Teammate Tevin Madison had a thought before anyone else... 4.1.

Then reports of some scouts having him in the 4.2s and even the 4.1s, Namely the Saints.

Now like most combines or pro days, what one scout or team has might not necessarily be the official time. His official time was a much more pedestrian 4.34.

Grant is definitely making the most of his Pro Day (We will have a full recap upcoming) after not meriting an invitation to the NFL Combine. His stats so far are impressive. 

Now if he ran against the WR at the combine where would he have ended up? Well the only WR I can find that ended up in the 4.3 range at the Combine were TCU's Kolby Listenbee (4.35) and Notre Dame's Will Fuller (4.32), So definitely in that ridiculously fast department. 

Needless to say, Jakeem Grant maybe, pound for pound, the best football athlete in the country. #fastdontlie