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Senior Bowl Recap

Le'Raven Clark and DeAndre Washington participated in the Senior Bowl yesterday, here's how it went down.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Le'Raven Clark

Clark earned a starting spot as a guard for the South squad, and preformed admirably. He started off the game shakily, recording an offensive facemask penalty on the first passing play of the game. Notre Dame's Sheldon Day definitely got the best of him a couple of times, which is to be expected if you're playing with the best seniors in college football. However, Clark distinguished himself as a run blocker on TCU's Aaron Green's 25 yard touchdown scamper in the first quarter.

Clark washed the DT down into the pile, and then successfully chipped up to the linebacker, ripping a gap that Aaron Green could use effectively. This is pretty much a textbook "chip" block, where an offensive lineman double teams a defensive linemen while keeping himself relatively unengaged, then accelerates to the linebacker in front of him. While Clark struggled at times, I still think that this game was a net win for him.

DeAndre Washington

Despite playing third string (or coming in the game third, I don't really know) for the South squad, DeAndre led his team in rushing with 36 rushing yards on 8 carries for an average of 4.5 yards. Washington's longest run was a 15 yarder on a misdirection pitch, which I regretfully couldn't find any video of.

Regardless, nothing but positive things about DeAndre Washington were heard out of the Senior Bowl practices, and today's performance proves that. I don't think anyone attending was expecting a Texas Tech running back to lead the team in rushing, especially with Alabama's Kenyon Drake playing for the South team as well.