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VTM on the Radio

VTM's own Brice Paterik hopped on a Fayetteville sports talk radio station to discuss Saturday's basketball game plus a little bit of football and recruiting.

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

Kanye West blares from the alarm clock to effectively shake me from my slumber. It's 7:00 AM on Thursday morning and I've got a radio spot in 45 minutes. I slink out of bed to turn the light on and splash some cold water in my face so I can sound semi-intelligent on air. This was the first time I had ever been on radio so I didn't know what to expect.

The spot was with Fayetteville's sports talk station 92.1 The Ticket on their show The Red Zone with Josh Bertaccini. One of the show's producers found me sent me an email asking if I'd be willing to do a spot on air. It was a little weird being found by a stranger in another state but that's what happens when you put your info out on the internet in hopes of someone finding you. Being in the media takes some getting used to.

At 7:42 I received a call from some Fayetteville phone number. I picked it up and talked to a different producer who prepped me on what to expect, then put me on hold for a few seconds while they transferred me to on the air. When the host introduced me, he pronounced my name wrong, but he was quite friendly and I didn't want to be and inconsiderate guest, so I didn't correct him.

For some reason I decided not to bring any notes, but it turns out I didn't need them. Hopping on my first ever radio broadcast was a terrific rush of performing and delightful to talk with the show host. Thanks to the folks at The Red Zone and specifically Josh for having me on and sending me the audio to the segment. Here's the audio of that interview, I hope you enjoy it!

Brice Paterik Radio Spot Brice Paterik Radio Spot