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This Week on Twitter Dot Com

News from a huge week on twitter in the sports world and the music world. I am here to enlighten the masses.

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Twitter this week was incredibly lit. That term may have been used recklessly in the past but I do not use it lightly at this time. This edition may have more nonsports things than you would like but I, being a resident of the internet, believe that there are some things you should all know. Let the education commence!

Some context is necessary for most of you. This past week the prominent rapper B.O.B. went off on a twitter rampage proclaiming the world to be flat; also there may or may not have been something about him being a holocaust denier but I'm not entirely certain. Here he claims that he has woken up and those of us who paid attention in any science class for more than five minutes are sheep people, or "sheeple" if you will, that need to wake up from whatever entity is attempting to cloud our minds.

Famed Super Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke out against these ridiculous claims, prompting B.o.B to release a diss track slamming Tyson. Things got more interesting when the scientist responded with a diss track of his own. This was just the start of a crazy twitter week. If you want to know more look here but that's quite enough on this silly subject.

Another story that requires context but is totally worth it. I'll give you the short version here but here's a link to the elongated version for you folks that are interested. Saturday, Kanye decided to change the name of his next album from Swish to Waves. Rapper Wiz Khalifa took offense to this because his rapper friend had his identity based on a wavy something or other. Then Wiz tweeted something about going to get some KK, which I later learned means weed. In Kanye's mind, KK can only stand for his wife Kim Kardashian, and therefore took this as a second slight against him that launched Kanye into a numerically-bulleted twitter rampage destroying Wiz.

Insults ranged from fashion sense, to musical competence, to insulting Wiz for being with Kanye's ex Amber Rose. The tweets were taken down due once the miscommunication was resolved, but not after Wiz lost OVER TWO MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS! The feud elicited strong reactions from my branch of the twittersphere. Here are a few of the best ones.

Like I said, it was quite lit indeed. That's enough of that pop culture for my taste but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't make the public aware of the ridiculousness of that subsection of twitterspheric drama.

This is the last one requiring context I promise. Maybe none of these require context because you are also on twitter 10+ hours a day. Oh well. Anyway so the really short version of this context is that Ole Miss is being investigated for giving recruits money. It's likely no real consequences will come from it. Our friends over at Red Cup Rebellion are a little sick of the random criticism, so they're having a field day as are others from here at Sports Blog Nation dot com.

The whole saga has been fun to watch as an outsider. I'd suggest y'all follow along if you're bored or if you like watching angry people get made fun of.

You folks still don't get it. DO NOT TWEET @ CROOTS!!!! This public service announcement has been paid for by Common Sense Initiative LLC.

Now I leave you with the one tweet consequential to Texas Tech Athletics. Thank you Davis for all that you've done for this school and how you have handled yourself during your time here. We wish you nothing but the best in your next step in life.

That ended up a little longer than I expected, but I am first an foremost an educator. Normally I wouldn't add so much pop culture if I didn't find it absolutely essential to your education on advanced internet culture. If I missed anything or you see something for next time be sure to tweet me @vivathematador or @80gradewhitt. Follow both of those accounts for the greatest tweets in west Texas.

Thanks for tuning in this week and until next time, I'll see y'all around the internet.