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3 AM Thoughts

I have clinical Insomnia, which means I barely ever sleep. Sometimes my mind goes to weird places. These are those weird places

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I don't know if y'all caught it, but freshman Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson ethered "recruiting analyst" Taylor Hamm.

No one wars on social media better than Aggies and Longhorns. For context, this is a 19 year old kid rightfully telling a likely 30 some odd year old man to grow up. God I love these. The meltdowns that follow are always the best. I try to follow at least one or two people from every fanbase around the nation, and no one does pointless slapfights better than UT and A&M.

If you have a better music video/song than Triumph by the Wu-Tang Clan I'd love to see it.

There's so much to love here. The crappy editing, the bees everywhere, the ridiculous bee citadel thing... It's just perfect.

We play Arkansas in basketball pretty soon. I hope they're ready for another Texas sized whooping that is congruent in size with Bret Bielema's light lunches.

Michigan State wants to be Baylor so bad, who wants to be Oregon so bad. It's kind of sad really, because I love Baylor's all forest green with gold chrome helmets. It's a great mix of future and classic. Then again, they also wear these at times:


Seriously, who thought that those were a good idea? We complain about our all-gray uniform and that wack Affliction-esque red/black gradient bullcrap we wear sometimes, but this is arguably ten times worse.

I call West Virginia "Rick James" because most of the time they're on drugs, they're connected to music icons, and they really hate couches (NSFW).

I call BYU "The Revenant" because most of their fans wish the 1800's were back, some call their following "cult-esque", and some diminish their accolades due to a lack of African Americans.

I call Washington State "Rick and Morty" because they're led by a mad scientist, anyone not familiar with their culture is confused when you introduce them to it, their leader's antics sometimes get them into more trouble than it's worth, and the followers are desperate for greatness that will never occur with the current mad scientist at the helm.

And now for a new segment titled:

Hot Takes From My Bosses

Context: Jim Harbaugh tweeting a line from Shooter.

Context: Matt is an alien trying to communicate with his kind.