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LSU Outruns Texas Tech 56-27

Full Recap, Game Notes and Postgame Videos

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Tech hangs tough, but missed opportunities and suspect O-Line play, plague the offense in the loss. Before we jump into the off-season, let's look at how the game played out.

1st Quarter:

Tech won the toss and elected to receive. (Something that was debated on the pod knowing you're facing a good defense). LSU looks sharp and sacks Mahomes on the first play from scrimmage, pretty much setting the tone of how the game would go. On, 2nd down, DeAndre rushes for no gain, and on 3rd and long, a pass to Grant at the first down maker is dropped forcing Tech to a three and out. 

For LSU is was the Fournette show on the first drive as Tech seemed to need time to get up to the speed LSU was playing with. On LSU's second play from scrimmage, Fournette would break a 35 yard run to get inside the Tech 30 and immediately have Tech fans pushing the panic button. Four plays later, Fournette would find the endzone to put LSU up 7-0.

Tech's second drive would be worse than the first as they quickly find themselves in a 1st and 25, down and distance after a tripping penalty. A completion to Washington would make it a huge 3rd and 15 deep in their own territory. As Mahomes would drop back, we was immediately under pressure and unable to escape forcing a three and out on back to back drives. 

After forcing LSU to punt, Tech's offense is back on the field looking for some momentum. Tech would start the drive on their own 10 yard line and slowly start to work their way down the field. It takes 9 plays and over four minutes to drive 90 yards, but Tech finally hits paydirt with a 46 yard pass from Mahomes to Grant. (The key to remember is it basically took Tech four minutes to drive half the field). Grant runs by one of LSU's fastest defenders and Mahomes hits him in stride for 6. On the point after, Kingsbury rolls the dice and goes for 2 right away. Cameron Batson has a run/pass option, has numbers, but decides to dump it low to Pete Robertson who is unable to handle the catch. LSU leads 7-6.

LSU wouldn't take long to respond. They would need just one play to go 79 yards on a reverse that catches Tech, seemingly, off-guard. Replay shows it was a bad angle by Justis Nelson that allowed DJ Chark to break free.

End of 1st Qtr: Texas Tech 6... LSU 14

2nd Quarter:

Tech and LSU trade punts to start the 2nd quarter, but the offense looks out of their depth, especially on the offensive line. The playcalling is good and options are their, but Mahomes has no time to see them as he is under constant pressure. When he does get the ball out, drops continue to kill momentum. 

After bottling Fournette up and looking to get their feet under them, Fournette takes a screen pass to the house as he releases freely to the right side of the field. It looks to be Awe's responsbility, but instead of staying on Fournette, he takes off after the QB, who dumps it off for a 44 yard TD pass. 

Texas Tech needs a response down 21-6. They would get it with what I still think was Tech's best drive of the game. Going 90 yards on 9 plays in 3 minutes, and finally being able to get the tempo they really wanted all game. LSU is standing, getting the call from the sideline, hands on hips and Tech is already snapping the ball. The offense is incredible when in a rhythm. The scoring play was Mahomes to Grant from 3 yards out. Grant came in motion and at the snap broke back outside for a screen pass, setting up a one on one and LSU doesn't have a chance. Tech cuts the lead to 21-13.

Tech gets a huge stop near the end of the half, but is unable to do anything with their last possession, knowing LSU gets the ball to start the second half.

Halftime: Texas Tech 13.... LSU 21

3rd Quarter:

LSU gets the ball to start the 2nd half and is quickly forced to punt as Tech's defense seems to be up for the challenge. Surprising play calling by LSU looking to pass and Fournette is no where to be seen in the opening drive. Tech is forced to punt as well, wasting another opportunity created by the defensive stopped. Knowing the defense won't be able to hold forever, every possession is crucial.

On LSU's, following possesion, Brandon Harris throws an incomplete pass, Fournette is stopped for no gain and then Harris throws an interception. Dakota Allen makes an incredible play beating the receiver to the ball. Tech's defense gives Tech a short field and this time, make good.

On 3rd and 10 from the LSU 31, Mahomes gets LSU to jump off-sides and gets a free play. Mahomes throws it to the endzone where Reginald Davis for the TD. Tech is within one, 21-20.

LSU needs a response as the momentum is clearly with Tech. On 1st Down, the Defense stuffs Fournette for no gain. On 2nd Down, the Defense keeps Fournette to just 2 yards. The Defense is pumped and has forced LSU into a 3rd and 8 situation and in the situation of having to pass. On 3rd and 8, Harris completes a back shoulder throw to John Diarse who gets by Justis Nelson and runs up the sideline for 30 yards. The air seemed to go out of Tech's defense, as on the next play, Fournette goes untouched for 43 yards and the score. LSU up 28-20.

It has the feeling that Tech will be able to respond now as the defense is playing fairly well and the offense is looking more and more like themselves. Tech drives 70 yards on 7 plays and is looking for the endzone, when a back shoulder pass from Mahomes bounces off the shoulder pads of his intended receiver, into the waiting arms of Ricky Jefferson. Back-breaker for Tech. 

It would take LSU just 4 plays to score and go up 35-20. LSU would then force Tech to punt and then promptly score again.

End of 3rd Qtr: Texas Tech 20 .... LSU 42

4th Quarter:

The 4th quarter is anti-climatic going the way of the last few minutes of the 3rd. Tech would score on an 8 play, 61 yard drive to cut the score to 42-27. It's another Mahomes to Grant connect on a modified play as Grant's last one. It's Mahomes' 4th TD of the night and Grant's 3rd. It gives Tech a glimer of hope. After all, Tech has done it before. But that was a different time and this was LSU, not Minnesota.

LSU would score 14 unanswered to put the game way out of reach at 56-27. Tech would have one last chance to make the score respectable, but would fail to convert on 4th and goal. LSU would run out the clock.

FINAL: Texas Tech 27... LSU 56.

Game Notes:

LSU held Tech to 399 yards of Total Offense

LSU rushed for 384 yards and had 638 yards of Total Offense

Tech was held to just 29 rushing yards

Mahomes threw for 370 yards and 4 TD

Time of Possession was relatively even at 30:14 to 29:46 in favor of LSU

Jakeem Grant had 10 catches for 125 yards and 3 TDs

OFF-Season Outlook

With several staff hires forthcoming and Webb Watch 2016 in full effect, there is something to be said for the direction this team is going. Mahomes had an up and down year in his first full year starting. Corey Dauphine, Justin Stockton and Demarcus Felton should keep the rushing attack going and a some stellar wide receivers will give the offense everything it needs to reload.

On defense, red-shirts Jamielle Johnson, Lorenzo Gillmore and Christian Taylor look to continue to make the Defense into a credible unit moving forward.

Post Game Conference

Kliff Kingsbury

Next Game: Spring Game 2016

As always, tell us what you thought of the game. The good and the bad and what needs to happen going into next week. You can send questions for the mailbag to me on twitter @avcoachsmith or in the comments below, titled Mailbag. You can also submit questions for the podcast and we will answer them tonight!