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Top 10 Texas Tech Moments of 2015

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The best moments in Red Raider Sports so far, ranked.

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10. JaCorian Duffield's Massive Jump

This Red Raider pulled out the best High Jump of his career at the perfect time: The USA Outdoor Track And Field Championships. Although he placed 2nd, Duffield is not one to be messed with, as he won the NCAA Indoor and Outdoor titles in 2015. His record setting jump at the Championships was a whopping 7 foot 8 inch leap.

9. LeRaven Clark's 2 Point Score

Texas Tech has long lined up in the swinging gate, but never actually done anything with it, especially with pass protection specialist LeRaven Clark lined up at tailback. This move shocked almost all of us, and it was good to see the vital Clark get some love on the scoreboard.

8. Jordan Jackson Throws It Down

In the midst of a massacre of Arkansas Pine-Bluff, Jordan Jackson slammed a monster dunk home in what might potentially be a statement for the 2015 Red Raiders. Look out Big XII, these guys aren't pushovers anymore.

BONUS DUNK, Canadian Tour Style

7. Texas Tech Beats Texas - The Monkey Is Off Our Backs

One of the knocks on Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech in general is that they never beat anyone in conference except Iowa State and Kansas. We hadn't beaten Texas since 2008. While Texas fans have had several excuses for why they didn't win, the scoreboard still says Texas Tech 48, Texas 45.

6. Patrick Mahomes's Ridiculous Scramble And Throw vs. ISU

To be honest, there are about a zillion moments that come to mind when you say "Patrick Mahomes Scramble", but this one came to mind first. After the narrow loss to TCU and blowout loss at Baylor when Mahomes looked like the truth, Red Raider Nation was wondering if this was a consistent thing or just a two-game explosion. Then Mahomes uncorked this play, and we all knew that a superstar was being born right in front of our eyes.

5. Jakeem Grant vs. OSU

In a game that Texas Tech ultimately lost, Jakeem Grant played like a hero. He was an absolute problem for Oklahoma State that day, and without a doubt the best player on the field.

4. Jakeem Grant's "Little People Big World"

Hiding Jakeem Grant behind the OL is less of a Little People Big World moment and more of a Trojan Horse moment. Regardless of what you call it, this play put the game against Texas on ice with an exclamation point.

3. Texas Tech Upsets ISU In Lubbock

To kick off 2015, the Red Raiders used 3-point shooting effectively to upset #9 ISU for their first Big XII win in the 2014-2015 season. While not a pure indication that Texas Tech basketball is back under Tubby Smith, it might be an event we point at and say, "We saw it coming all along".

2. Women's Soccer Takes Home The Big XII Championship

The 5th-seeded Red Raiders weren't expected to make many waves in the Big XII Tournament. I think it's pretty accurate to say that these women had other plans. They really turned it on at the perfect time and landed a series of upsets that took them all the way to the Big XII crown. On November 25th, this would've been our #1 moment. But on November 26th this happened...

1. "Ricochet U"

It was a sure interception before Devin Lauderdale decided to intervene. The Texas defender bobbled the pick after Lauderdale's hit, and the ball fell right into the lap of Jakeem Grant. In a rainy game full of weird twists for the Red Raiders, this play takes the cake in terms of mind-blowing insanity.


We do realize that 2015 isn't over yet with several more basketball games and a bowl game against LSU, but we wanted to highlight the best of 2015 so far. If the need arises, we will definitely come back and redo this list. We hope you enjoyed 2015, here's to 2016 and all the success it may bring.