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Texas Tech Lands 2 JUCO All-Americans

Tech scored huge on JUCO signing day

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

For a very long time, it's been somewhat of a Texas Tech tradition to favor smaller slot receivers. Danny Amendola, Wes Welker, Jakeem Grant, and Ian Sadler have been a huge part of how our offense functions in the past as well as currently (Grant, Sadler). Well, all of that might change with the JUCO prospects the Red Raiders just landed.

In addition to their talent, these guys have the size. Derrick Willies comes in at 6'3 and De'Quan Bowman stands at 5'11. Bowman isn't the tallest, but he's definitely taller than Grant (5'6) and the same size as Sadler (5'11). With Cantrell coming back, this could be the tallest WR corps we've had in a long time on the South Plains.

Bowman and Willies weren't just JUCO All-Americans. They were top prospects as well. Bowman was ranked by multiple recruiting sites as the #8 WR prospect, and Willies as the #1 WR, #3 Overall. These are both huge guys to bring in for our program, and could have an immediate impact.