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BREAKING: Darrin Chiaverini Headed To Colorado Buffaloes

The assistant coach turnover continues at Texas Tech.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Per, Darrin Chiaverini will be returning to play a part in the Colorado Buffaloes's football program on January 1st.

Chiaverini played for the Buffaloes during a great stint for the program in the 90's, and played in the NFL for the Browns, Cowboys, and Falcons. He was currently the outside receivers coach and special teams coordinator for Texas Tech.

As the special teams coordinator for Texas Tech, Chiaverini took the Red Raiders from last in the Big XII in terms of net punting in 2013 to 2nd in 2014. He has definitely had an impact here as a coach, and he will be missed.

The departure of Chiaverini raises more questions for Texas Tech. We know that Kliff has a policy of wanting his assistants to gun for better jobs and advance their position, but at what cost? As of right now, only 2 assistant coaches remain on the offensive side of the ball. Jinks and Chiaverini are staying on to coach in the bowl game, but he will be gone soon after.

I'm not one to start sounding the panic alarm, but we have a significant amount of staff to replace coming into the offseason. This isn't a program dumpster fire moment, but it could end up being a moment that we look back on and say, "the signs were there all along".