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Fun Facts Friday

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Fun numbers about Texas Tech to push you though the afternoon and on to the weekend

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  1. 25

    25 points. If someone was to tell you that scoring 25 points every game in a college season was difficult, would you believe them? Only one team did that in the Power Five conferences this year, your Texas Tech Red Raiders. Everyone knows the SEC is anti-points, and the Big 10 just likes to punt and take 9 minute drives, but even in the mighty Big 12 where everyone can score, and almost at will sometimes, only Tech managed to accomplish that feat. Baylor and TCU kind of got screwed in the monsoon of Black Friday, but even when we had some bad offensive performances in Norman and Morgantown, we managed to score 25+ every game this year. We ended up 2nd in scoring this year, with 46.6 points per game.

  2. 0.8981

    0.8981 is the current average score of the 4 commits of our 2017 class. With a 5 star, 2 verified 3 stars, and a borderline 3-4 star (depends which scouting service you look at) that came in last night, the 2017 class is off to a good start with a great foundation. So far, we've only received verbals from offensive players, but having 2 linemen, a QB and a WR is a great start.

  3. 10,000

    It was reported shortly after tickets went on sale for the bowl game that each of the schools had sold or were close to selling out of their allotment of tickets for the game. Also, a report came out that 60,000 tickets had been sold to the game, leaving only 10,000 left. The Texas Bowl is shaping up to be a great game, and with the relative proximity to Baton Rouge and Lubbock, the fans are paying attention to it as well.

  4. 160

    In the VTM pick em group this season, there was only a difference of 160 points between the top and bottom placed entries for the 4 writers that picked every week. The contest is officially over and Ryan did win with 3060 points. Coming in 2nd was Drew with 3005 points, I was in 3rd with 2972, and Supreme Chancellor Hunter came in LAST PLACE with 2900. We will be doing a bowl pick em group for all 41 games, with the first bowl game only 8 days away.

  5. +7.0

    Speaking of bowl games, the initial reports on the game spreads have come out and by most reports, Tech is around a 7 point underdog to LSU. We have done ok this year with the odds, going 8-4. The over/under has been set to 73, but if both offenses play like many think they will, this could be a bit low.