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The Michael Crabtree Report

Crabtree has had a pretty good little season as the #2 receiver for the silver and black

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Michael Crabtree - WR, Oakland Raiders

Mike has had a pretty successful year in Oakland. Coming out of San Francisco, he didn't get the free agent offers that some though he would, and definitely not what he was expecting. He signed a 1-year deal worth $3.2 million, but if things went well, he knew he would be able to either get an extension with the Raiders, or go elsewhere for a good amount of money. As the Raiders #2 receiver, and very reliable for a young quarterback, mike has decided to stay in Oakland for a little while now.

God is Great. God is Good.. #raidernation

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On Wednesday, Crab signed a 4-year extension, worth as much as $35 million. On Sunday, the Raiders had a big divisional win, beating the Broncos 15-12 in Denver. Derek Carr had only 135 yards this week, in a tight game against one of the top passing defenses in the league, with Crabtree catching 4 passes on 5 targets for 19 yards