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3 AM Thoughts has a lot of thoughts on UT Football

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I have clinical Insomnia, which basically means that I barely sleep. My mind goes to weird places sometimes. These are those weird places.

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The ineptitude of the Dallas Cowboys is so depressing that it's hilarious. The Cowboys are like a 1,000 piece puzzle that came without 77 of the pieces.

Jakeem Grant is the long lost son of 50 Cent and no one can tell me otherwise. The family resemblance is uncanny.

LeRaven Clark would be a dope writer's alias, like Mark Twain or something.

Speaking of writing aliases Leonard Fournette would be dope as well.

This tweet is one of my favorite tweets in the history of twitter:

A low score doesn't always mean that good defense was played. I mean, would we really celebrate about holding Mizzou to 14 points? That's pretty close to a season-best for them.

Jim Harbaugh and Gary Patterson definitely have Rumpus Rooms in their houses.

I don't buy the "Art Briles full sleeve tattoo" theory. I just think that he's constantly chilly because of the ice in his heart.

I am thoroughly enjoying the ineptitude of the Texas Longhorns, but I don't like that they're taking our place as the most unpredictable team in the Big XII. That's our version of insanity dang it.

This may be worth a full post, but "classy" is the most overused and stupid phrases in football conversation. Every fan base has its idiots, and every fan base has its nice people. You can't assign a generalization to a group of people, it's never completely true.

Kristaps Porzingis might not be the best basketball player of all time, but he definitely has the best name.

Before watching Creed, my favorite Tupac song was California Love. Now it's definitely Hail Mary. I caught it late one night and almost woke my roommates up so we could box I was so hyped.

I call Charlie Strong "Facing The Giants" because they both have good morals, but the actual football portion of their content is very underwhelming.

I call Texas Football "Pokemon" because it's been the same thing for so long and somehow people still like it, they both have worldwide appeal, and as you get higher in the levels throwing the same balls becomes more difficult.

I call Texas Football "The Byzantium Empire" because their followers feel deeply about old school designs, they're mad rich, their capital is very multicultural, and they're fading into the annals of history quickly.

How well we can be friends is directly linked to your opinions on Shiner Cheer.

Both Mark Dantonio and Kirk Ferentz look like the dad that says, "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" but is very clearly mad.

Jon doesn't like the new Mad Max movie. I didn't think of this late at night, I just think he deserves to be ridiculed for his poor opinion on movies.