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Sadly, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Davis Webb

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We are finally at the point that I've dreaded for the last few months, the time Davis Webb leaves Texas Tech

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It wasn't that long ago that Davis Webb was set to take his place among the all-time greats who have played the quarterback position at Texas Tech. An Elite 11 participant and a highly recruited player, who for the life of me still can't understand, committed to play for Texas Tech and run a Neal *gag* Brown offense. When news of the Tuberville's departure came just three short years ago, TCU head coach, Gary Patterson, made an in home visit to Webb's home in Prosper to try to sway him away from Tech and play for the Horned Frogs. Webb never strayed and stayed true to the commitment he made of being a Red Raider. 

He must have been like a little kid on Christmas when news broke of Kliff Kingsbury's hire and knowing that everything was there in front of him for his college career. The records, the epic plays, the upsets... but nothing really worked out the way he or Red Raider fans would have hoped. Gone are the days of celebrating a game winning TD pass with Kingsbury or saving the day when BM couldn't cut it. Now it's only a scene of frustration for Davis Webb. He doesn't say it, but then, he doesn't have too... his body language says it for him. 

Recently on Twitter he changed his AVI to this... 

Looks like a pretty good hint to me that he'll transfer. But if for whatever reason he doesn't, let me just say this...

I've been called everything from Davis Webb's mom or family member trying to boost his self-esteem for writing this article, but I'm here to say...

"Davis, it's time for you go.

You've showed more class and integrity to Texas Tech and the football program than some other... ahem... players. But you don't need Tech anymore... and Tech, unfortunately, doesn't need you either. There is not easy way to say it. It's just the truth and that's all I would ever want to convey to you. But it's time to move on.

With so many Big 12 schools in need of a quarterback... from TCU and Texas to schools around the country and even Bowling Green where Mike Jinks is the new head man, don't waste your Senior year sitting on the bench. Regardless of what some people might say, you are WAY TOO GOOD for that. You did your time this year. You fought valiantly to get your job back, you've been a leader on the sidelines and you are the best backup QB in the country. But in a world where a walk-on can start for OU, what in the world are you still doing here?

I love ya. Don't get me wrong. I've been a fan since your recruiting days. I think you have an incredible talent and one that doesn't need to be wasted any longer. Here, let Ben put it you this way...  (NSFW for language)

Through the course of the season, that's been the best part of my Saturday's... from when I turn on the TV to the time I turn on the game, the hope that you won't be on the sidelines. I've seen you get farther and farther and further and further away on the sidelines. I didn't even see you at the Texas game until you celebrated with Kingsbury after the Jakeem run. 

Bud, it's time leave. It's time to look toward greener pastures some place else and go and do something with your talent. Best of luck, bud. We'll be cheering for you."

I wish it would've been different. I like watching Webb play. There will be some who are glad that Davis would leave. Never thinking he was good enough to begin with and the idea that no matter how bad Patrick Mahomes plays (Kansas, WVU, OU) that somehow it would have been infinitely worse if Webb was still the starter. I actually thought he'd win the job out of camp this year and understand that if he didn't, that his future at Tech was in doubt. He put up incredible numbers as a freshman, respectable numbers as a sophmore, but wherever he ends up, he'll do great things and Raider Nation will be proud of him, like Brewer and Karam before him. 

He won't leave through the bathroom window, like Tuberville did or even trash Texas Tech like BM did, but he will leave and he should. There will be some people who will say...

But the majority of Tech fans will say...

But in all seriousness... he has options out there and not one of them should be the bench on the West sideline of the Jones. He arrived early on campus in 2013, hopefully he graduates early next week and can play right away wherever he decides to go. 

Best of Luck Davis... If you're still at Tech next year... (though part of me hopes you will be), you will have lost a fan. 

Love ya bud!