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Red Raider Gridiron: Hall of Fame/Honor Class Announced; True Freshmen Playing

Texas Tech announced the most recent Hall of Fame/Honor Class. Who are the true freshman who might play the rest of the year and according to one report, very few know all of the details with the resignation of Matt Wallerstedt.

John Weast

Two Minute Drill.

Hall of Fame/Honor Classes Announced. Congrats to the following individuals who will be announced to the Hall of Fame or Hall of Honor for Texas Tech:

Larry Isaac (football, 1973-76), Plenette Pierson (women's basketball, 1999-03) and Stacy (Kolb) Totman (women's golf, 1993-95) will be inducted into the Hall of Fame while Corky Oglesby (head track coach/Red Raider Club staff) will go into the Hall of Honor.

LAJ's Don Williams has a story about Stacy Totman as she transferred from Minnesota to Texas Tech to then play for Texas Tech and later coach.  The ceremony and dinner will be on October 31st and there's in formation for tables if you want to attend the event.

True Freshmen Playing. LAJ's Don Williams writes about the six true freshman who are playing and looks at the other freshmen who might play and I think the general consensus is that unless there is an injury, the freshmen just might be CB Tevin Madison, CB Jah'Shawn Johnson, IR Ian Sadler, RB Justin Stockton and IR Cameron Batson.  Williams, and I don't think he's alone in this, is that Patrick Mahomes will play at some point this year, while guys like Justin Murphy and Robert Castaneda are on the depth chart, but the coaches hope to keep their redshirt intact.

Very Few Know. FoxSports David Ubben writes his week 5 Pregame Huddle and he's got a handful of notes on a bunch of teams, including Daxx Garman, but also there was this bit about the resignation of Matt Wallerstedt, who Ubben writes, very few people really know what happened:

I talked to a handful of people around the Texas Tech program last week, and details on Wallerstedt's exit were thin. The whole situation was handled swiftly and quietly. The number of people keen to precise details is small.  I know that some of you feel that it wasn't handled quietly, but at least that's Ubben's impression.

And speaking of defensive coordinators, Mike Smith tweeted-up yesterday:

Miscellaneous. Texas has dismissed Kennedy Estelle from their team . . . SB Nation's Bill Connelly with The Numerical with week 4 out of the way . . . well, Texas Tech hasn't performed up to expectations, but College Spun thinks that Texas Tech has the 9th sexiest college football program (why the heck not) . . . 24/7 Sports with their Big 12 power rankings . . . 24/7 Sports has their Big 12 all-recruit team with Jarrett Stidham and Breiden Fehoko making the team . . . this one hurts a bit as Oklahoma State DL James Castleman looks forward to going 4-0 against Texas Tech. Just to fill you in, Castleman was originally a Texas Tech commit but flipped to OSU . . .