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Top 10 Fictional Texas Tech Football Games We'd Love To See

We decided to have some fun with hypotheticals today. Ranks are completely arbitrary.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

10. 2008 Texas Tech vs. 2005 Texas

There's a great deal of intrigue that would surround this game. How would a scrappy Texas Tech defense led by Ruffin McNeil defend arguably one of the best collegiate quarterbacks of all time, Vince Young? How would Michael Crabtree, Detron Lewis, Tramain Swindall, Edward Britton, and Eric Morris fare against a Longhorn secondary that sent 100% of its starters to the NFL? This matchup is full of interest, but it makes this list for one reason only: Daniel Charbonnet covering David Thomas. I'd pay good money to see them go at it in their respective primes.

9. 2015 Texas Tech vs. 2015 Boston College

We all know about Texas Tech's defensive woes, but most college football fans in this area of the country don't understand how bad Boston College's offense was. According to ESPN's stats, they're 126th out of 128. Their defense was another story, they came in 1st overall in total defense, according to Texas Tech, by contrast, ranks anywhere from 2nd to 4th in total offense, and as low as 126th in total defense. If this game was played, we'd have a definitive answer to the age old question: "which is more important, offense or defense?" that isn't answered by an outdated "defense wins championships" quote.

Editor's Note: This could easily be a dumpster fire. It could also easily be an instant classic.

8. 2015 Texas Tech vs. 2015 Washington State

Leach vs. Tech. Air Raid on Air Raid. The former QB taking on his former coach. This matchup has all the outside intrigue that anyone could want. Also, it would be a dang good football game too, if you're into 50 point shootouts. Footballs would never stop flying and the game would last at least 5 hours, if not 6. My bet: 75-72, Texas Tech.

7. 2008 Texas Tech vs. 1976 Texas Tech

It's a matchup of old vs. new, the Air Raid vs old school ball. Steve Sloan led the Red Raiders to a 10-2 record in 1976, nearly identical to the 11-2 record posted by Mike Leach's 2008 squad. The ideology matchup would be interesting to watch for sure, but I'm of the opinion that the 2008 squad would win this by a considerable margin. While I don't believe that this game is a close one, it's ranked higher than some other close ones due to the historical significance of each team.

6. 2014 Texas Tech vs. 2013 Texas Tech.

I've been of the opinion that Jace Amaro is the sole reason why 2013 Texas Tech made it out of the year with a winning record, and that the 2014 team was essentially the same, minus Dartwan Bush and Kerry Hyder (another all-time favorite). I think it would expose many of the things that made 2014 just go so terribly wrong in terms of win/loss records. It's easy to sit here and say: "easy, defense and poor turnovers from Davis Webb", but the inability of this defense to produce well two years in a row suggests deeper problems.

Editor's Note: I firmly believe that Jace Amaro and Kerry Hyder were two of the most important Red Raiders to put on the Double T helmet in the 20th century.

5. 2008 Texas Tech vs. 2014 Baylor

I like to watch Daniel Charbonnet cover things, and I think that this would be a game won by a horsehair. For me, these teams match up so well in every single facet that they seem incredibly close to each other. This game would be a barnburner, and if it was played, I have no doubts that it would go down as one of the best football games of all time.

4. 2016 Texas Tech vs. 2016 Alabama, played at Rungardo 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea

I know what some of y'all are thinking the second you read that: "oh good, this has all been an elaborate joke at our expense, those pricks". While we are having fun with hypotheticals, and this post is definitely a mix of joking and seriousness, this is a serious choice. It's a little known fact, but according to Wikipedia, Rungardo 1st of May Stadium is the largest stadium in the world by around 40,000 seats. I'm never happy with Wikipedia results, but the source linked to in the Wikipedia article seems to be fairly legit. Why Alabama? The defending national champions, in the biggest stadium in the world. Tell me that doesn't sound appealing.

Editor's Note: North Korea could potentially be lying. However, this is fun with hypotheticals, not fun with facts.

3. 1923 Texas Tech vs. 2016 Texas Tech

The first football team Texas Tech ever fielded vs. the most recent. I'm all for the historical significance here. When time travel is invented, I really hope that historical college football games are one of the things we use this potential species-saving technology for.

Editor's Note: The 2016 team wears the throwbacks in this one. No bevel. At all.

2. 2015 Texas Tech vs. 2015 Texas A&M

The bowl matchup we actually wanted. A bowl matchup that we would have more than a decent chance at winning. Another chance to beat A&M in something. A chance to beat Texas A&M so bad that they fire Kevin Sumlin and ship Jake Spavital to Siberia.

1. 2042 Texas Tech vs. 2042 Cincinatti, played at the Gates of Hell

It's the year 2042, and Kliff Kingsbury, multi-national championship winning coach has announced his retirement after the national championship game. Through recent medical advances and cryosleep in the offseason, Tommy Tuberville is still the head coach at Cincinatti. Texas Tech is #1 in the nation. Cincinatti is #2. Through a series of events that seem eerily close to the plot of The Core, The earth is slowly dying. The only choice is to go on with our lives as we normally would, waiting for the inevitable. On a field that is gutted by random lava explosions, Texas Tech faces its arch-nemesis, one last time. On the field, Texas Tech wins by a score of 243 to -10. Thirty minutes after, the planet collapses in on itself, the human race extinguished. Texas Tech fans die happy.

Editor's Note: Jon has dubbed this game "Thermopylae II: Tuberville Returns"