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Breaking Down The Post-Spring Football Roster

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The spring football roster was released yesterday. Let's talk some of the more surprising developments.

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  • I'm really happy with our inside WRs. Both Ian Sadler and Cameron Batson are looking to be great receivers, and the more people we have capable of breaking games wide open, the better the chances are that no one catches double coverage. It's happened to every great Tech wideout over the past couple of years, and I like the idea of everyone on the offense being at the same levels of dangerous.
  • Luke Stice and Johnathan Picone had amazing Spring Football campaigns, and look really solid as a team. If I remember right, Picone was slated to be redshirted this year. No matter what was said, he'll get some solid playing time as a true freshman.
  • Justin Stockton is your guy, and Corey Dauphine will be shelved for now in order to get Felton on the field. I love Felton as a runner, and I view this as a case of simply having too many horses in the stable. If three people carried the football at the same time, we'd have the best running back(s) in the conference.
  • Derrick Willies splitting time with JaDeion High might end up bad. The last thing we want to do with Willies is be predictable in the ways we get him the ball. If we only use him on third downs or deep pass plays, defenses will key on it after a mere half of game time.
  • Gary Moore and Zach Barnes at the defensive ends makes me really happy. These guys are athletic enough to get after the quarterback consistently in a pass-happy Big XII, and could potentially have great years. Even so, I'd expect Kolin Hill to play a considerable amount of time at both rush end and strong end. He's too good of a talent to keep off the field.
  • We experimented with a three-man front in the spring, and if we go to that in game time, I'd expect to see Williams come in for Moore. I love Moore as a DE, but right now Williams is more than likely the best LB.
  • In that three-man front, Fehoko has been the DT that flexed out to DE. The upside for this kid is still high. Oh god, I'm excited about a Texas Tech defensive line. I really hope the hype is followed up by results.
  • Tevin Madison at safety is a tad surprising. I expected him to make a splash at corner, but if this gets his talent on the field more, I'm fine with it.
  • The fight for the other safety spot between Keenon Ward and Payton Hendrix is very close.
  • Devin Lauderdale and Nigel Bethel aren't on this roster, which isn't surprising. If they get reinstated, I'd expect them to go right back into their starting roles.
  • We'll need Baylen Brown to step up on the offensive line. That's a very young group, and Brown will have to be the senior voice for the young guys.