Is It Time We Move On From Under Armour?

As I was watching UCLA play LSU last night I noticed something interesting about their football uniforms. I liked them. For years I have really disliked our uniforms along with those of UCLA, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Maryland, California, and others. What do they all common? They were all made by Under Armour. Why did I all of a sudden like UCLA's uniforms? It turns out that their uniforms are now made by Nike and are absolutely awesome.

For years I have thought Texas Tech's football uniforms looked like really bad high school uniforms. Among the things I, along with others, dislike about Under Armour uniforms is that they use skinnier and smaller numerals than those on most Nike uniforms, they are more experimental than most classic football uniforms, and most importantly, the fan gear is too expensive. I refuse to wear anything by Under Armour simply because I think it looks butt ugly.

The first two reasons I have listed why I don't like Under Armour uniforms are subjective, though I have met very few people who like our current uniforms (most Tech fans I speak with don't like our uniforms). The third reason I listed is a fact. If you have ever compared our clothing to that of Texas's clothing or any other Nike school's clothing, you already know that Under Armour clothing is more expensive, usually by a considerable amount money.

If we are going to move on in a "new Big 12" Conference, I believe we should let our contract with Under Armour expire when it ends in June of 2024. I thing we need better looking, more classic looking uniforms. We also need more people wearing our product. The more Tech merchandise which is sold, the more money our University makes and the better our name is known in Texas and acroos the country. We could really use a new look.

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