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Hub City Homers: Interview Special

Our special edition with two great interviews!

Don’t worry, the recap/preview episode for football is coming, but in the meantime here is a great special edition for you all to enjoy!

First up, listen to us interview basketball recruiting expert Tobias Bass. We talk about the recruiting landscape as a whole, how the NIL changed things, and the incredible job Mark Adams did building his roster. We also discuss how the Big 12 shook up in terms of talent as all the transfers fell into place.

Immediately after that interview is an interview with cross-country athlete Luke Estes! Luke walks us through how his sport works, what are some of the challenges of being a Texas tech athlete, and we learn more about his experiences as whole.

These were two great interviews, and thank you to both guests for talking to us! I hope you all enjoy, and be on the lookout for more football content this week as the team gets ready to preview the Texas Longhorns.