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Hub City Homers #10: Unedited recap

The least fun episode of so far.

Normally, I try to edit our thoughts a bit. You know, clean up the rougher stuff and polish it up. After that “football game”, Tech was not playing a lot of what resembled the sport known as football, I decided to give an unedited tape. This was not a fun episode to record, and with good reason.

We tore into Tech’s performance for an hour, and the litany of what actually went wrong is a bit depressing. The offensive line was depressingly bad, and we discussed how can Cumbie adjust to a reality with such a lack of pass protection.

All and all, we did find some reason to be optimistic at the very end. However, the guys talk floor and celling and not to spoil much that floor is not great. Give the episode a listen and let us know your thoughts! Hopefully next week we will have a lot more positive things to talk about.