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Big 12 Expansion Bracket: Who do YOU want the Big 12 to add?

VTM viewers, who do you want to add to the Big 12?

Big 12 expansion has been a hot topic the past few summers and now it appears it's more likely than ever to actually happen. The creation of the ACC Network seemed to prompt the Big 12 to take action and expansion seems to be on the horizon. Starting tomorrow, a Big 12 expansion bracket will kick off. There's two sides to the bracket, East and West. There will be two winners with a winner coming from both regions. I will list student enrollment, endowment and TV market for each school once the matchups start. The first round voting will take place this weekend. The West bracket will start Saturday with the East kicking off on Sunday. The second round will get under way on Monday. If the Big 12 truly wants to get to 12 teams, who do you want to add? Below are the teams who will be featured in the bracket.


1) Cincinnati

2) Memphis

3) USF

4) UCF

5) UConn

6) East Carolina


1) Houston

2) BYU

3) Boise State

4) Colorado State

5) SMU

6) Tulane