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Outside the Huddle with Rusty Whitt

Rusty Whitt will make a man out of you.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - LSU v Texas Tech Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Here we are, around a month and a half out from the college football season, looking for any tidbit of information that we have. A couple days ago, Tech Athletics posted an “Outside the Huddle” video with Rusty Whitt, and it’s great.

Everyone expects a Twitter video to be like a minute long and not really say anything, but there’s a solid seven minutes of content here. Whitt talks about the work ethic of Dylan Cantrell and Luke Stice (a name that we’re hedging money on to be a big one), and the speed of Cameron Batson. There’s also a slick little Cantrell one-handed catch in there too.

It’s always a mixed bag of emotions when you hear a coach talk about how much better it’s gotten. For instance, Rusty talks about a few players being late every workout, and how that doesn’t happen anymore.

We’re definitely better off for having Rusty Whitt as our S&C coach. There’s no doubt about it.