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Dakota Allen will transfer to EMCC

The former Texas Tech linebacker will play out 2016 at EMCC.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We know where Dakota Allen is headed, and it’s a high profile JUCO.

EMCC’s 2015 season is the subject of a Netflix Original Documentary season titled, “Last Chance U”. The show follows several high profile recruits and some not so high profile ones at EMCC as they search for a national championship amid being recruited. It’s like a high school football scenario, if the high school was stocked with D1 talent that would leave within the year. I highly recommend it, it’s high drama throughout.

Allen was supposed to be one of Texas Tech’s top defenders this year. He was kicked off the team for undisclosed reasons before it was revealed that he was removed from the squad for burglary and the theft of guns. I hope that Allen can get his head on straight at EMCC, and maybe win a title along the way. If the documentary is close to the truth, he’ll be surrounded by one of the most controversial teams of all time, but with his talent he should be in and out of there quick.