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Does Kliff stay or Go?

Does this season determines Kingbury’s future at Texas Tech?

Kansas State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Since the beginning of the Kliff Kingsbury coaching era at Texas Tech, the program has had some buzz surrounding it. Red Raider fans all around are excited to see a Texas Tech alumnus head the coaching job and bring some confidence back to Lubbock. It hasn’t been a quick turnaround for the Red Raiders. Seasons put in jeopardy due to injury, unexpected departures, and an anemic defense are what have been holding back Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders from a breakout season. I’ve heard it countless times that three years is what it takes for a head coach to rehabilitate a team. This upcoming season will be Kingsbury’s 4th, but somehow it also feels to be the most crucial season.

Prior to this season, there were recruits from the Tommy Tuberville days that were still playing on the team. This season will be the first with talent recruited exclusively by Kingsbury and his coaches. In some ways this is a fresh start for the Red Raiders. These players are familiar with the blistering speed of the offense Kingsbury likes to run. The recruits that he has brought in know what type of game he likes to play. It’s safe to say that there will be no miscommunication between players and coaches on what is expected of them, now that ever player on the roster is on the same page with their head coach.

This season is also important because of Kingsbury’s talent to develop quarterbacks. The spotlight on Patrick Mahomes is becoming larger and larger as the days countdown to kickoff. His decision to stay focused on football instead of baseball in the offseason will bear impressive results if everything goes according to plan. If Kingsbury’s coaching turns Mahomes even more into a national star, fans might find validation in his hire almost 4 years ago.

With that said, if this season is a bust which is unlikely due to some decent depth, solid transfers coming in, and Mahomes becoming even more of a freak athlete, does Kingsbury start to worry about his future at Texas Tech? It’s almost nonsense to think that Kirby Hocutt to fire the beloved Kliff Kingsbury, but doesn’t it come down to the success of the program that determines your job security? There hasn’t yet been a real reason to throw in the Kingsbury towel besides that awful 4-8 season, but that season had its initial problems that seemed to be fixed in the end. If this season does become one to forget, should people begin to talk? Do we give him another year? You can see as to why this season is important. Watch closely, because maybe in December, or in January with some luck, Kirby Hocutt will be giving himself a pat on the back because of another genius move on his part. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kirby might be going back to the drawing board.