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Monday Matador Mailbag 7.25.16

Same mailbag, different Monday.

As always, we here at Viva The Matadors appreciate all the questions we get. As always, we’ll answer them regardless of the subject. Let’s get to it:

Does D’Vonta Hinton count as a sleeper pick? This kid has potential. According to Texas Tech Athletics, he was one of two true freshman to see action in the 2015 season. He had himself a game against Kansas State, recorded a couple of sacks against Texas, and even forced a fumble against Oklahoma State. At 5’ 9’’ he’s not the biggest guy on the field, but he can definitely pack a punch. I’m not sure if anyone has him pegged as someone who will have a breakout year, but if he gets a significant amount of playing time Hinton will make a name for himself.

Anything you hear will be news to me as well. Last time I checked, it was “very close to happening”. Since then nothing new has appeared. It would be a nice addition of depth to our defense.

Does throwing the entire package count?

Great question. Texas Tech entering the Oklahoma game can very much be undefeated which would make for an interesting contest. This will also be Baker Mayfield’s first return to Lubbock as a Sooner. It will easily be the biggest home game since TCU’s visit last year. If the defense finds a way to contain Mayfield, Tech will be able to pull of the upset. Mahomes will a have a Heisman worthy performance. Nothing more, nothing less.

TCU, but let’s hope for more than one “good upset” this season.

Reginald Davis is a giant question right now. A couple years back, he was the talk of the town. Dylan Cantrell red-shirted last year, but could have an impressive season this year. Derrick Willies has already been making some heads turn. With Jakeem gone, the search for the next best receiver is a blank canvas. If Cantrell can really have himself a season, or Willies delivers, you have your top two candidates for our best receiver since Jakeem The Dream.

In my opinion, it would have to Breiden Fehoko. His defensive production was impressive last year, so naturally his production should increase with a year under his belt. He is one of the better players on the defensive side of the ball, so the injury bug biting him would be a huge loss for the Red Raiders. Thankfully this is all hypothetical. We always want a healthy season for our boys.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, It was a blast answering them.