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Monday Matador Mailbag 5.23.16

The Mailbag answers all of your questions no matter what they are

I'd love to see D'Vonta Hinton play well.

We just lost Dakota Allen, most likely forever. We haven't had a linebacker step up and play truly well since Will Smith. Awe and Eguavoen were good but not great. I really think that Hinton has what it takes to be a great run stopper in the Big XII. He has the leverage and the quickness to be good between the tackles. I think we see him step it up considerably this year.

Time will tell with football. I'd love to see every year, but the realist in me says once every two years.

Basketball is a tougher thing to predict, and I have no idea how Chris Beard will take, so I'll say every third year.

Baseball, every year. Tadlock is a great coach and he recruits well. We'll at least be in contention every year.

I'm hoping 5. Gibbs has made no indication that he'll leave, but turning around a defense as bad as ours has been in the past will make him a hot commodity. Kingsbury has made some staff changes that indicate he's willing to let Gibbs get his coaches in here and hopefully stay for the long run, but we can't accurately predict whether Gibbs is a lifer at Tech or not.

A winner will always be popular, so for now, I'll say yes.

Texas Tech basketball had a really good run this year, but there's no way you can fight with a team that will likely bring 2 College World Series appearances in three years to the school.

We add BYU and Cincinnati and be done with expansion forever. It's beaten to death, and I'd rather us just cave and add more schools than disband forever. I like this little band of old SWC schools, and it would be a bummer to see historic matchups fade into the void due to TV contract money.


No fishing for compliments in the Mailbag.

The earliest indication of this saying comes from Saint Augustine in 390 AD.

So we're going to go with the guy that wrote "Confessions", and I'm not talking about Usher.


Give me E coli and fresh ingredients or give me death.

I have no idea how Chris Beard recruits or who he wants. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say someone who is good at the game of basketball. This isn't meant to be facetious, I honestly have no idea.

The answer is none of the above.

Taco Bell's breakfast AM crunchwrap is superior to all other breakfast foods. I know, I know, this seems like a hot take, but try it. Just go to a Taco Bell before 11 AM and order a Steak AM Crunchwrap with Fire sauce. You're just going to have to trust me on this. It's better than anything I've ever had for breakfast. Of course, I might have the palate of a middle school boy, but if you do too, there isn't much better bang for your buck.