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POLL: Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, First Round: #3 vs. #14

After taking a day off, the Texas Tech uniform tournament returns: #3 Black/Black/Black vs. #14 White Lone Star Pride

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's results: #11 Black Lone Star Pride defeated #6 Grey/Grey/Grey, 76% to 24%

The first round of our uniform tournament continues today with a battle between black and white.

The #3 seed is Texas Tech's all black uniforms, the standard home uniform during the past few seasons. The #14 seed is the all white Lone Star Pride uniforms worn against Texas on Thanksgiving in 2013. Most fans are glad we haven’t seen them since, but some liked the twist on the road uniforms.

Make sure to vote below! Voting ends at midnight. The winner of this matchup will advance to the second round to face Saturday's winner, the #11 Black Lone Star Pride uniforms.

#3 Black/Black/Black

#14 White Lone Star Pride