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POLL: Texas Tech Uniform Tournament, First Round: #2 vs. #15

#2 Black/Red/Black vs. #15 White Ombre

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s results: It was a tie! Exactly 50% to 50%, 965 votes each for #7 Black/White/Red and #10 White/White/White. A tie will go to the higher seed, so the Black/White/Red will advance to the second round to face today’s winner.

The first round of our uniform tournament concludes with a battle between an awesome home uniform and arguably the most hideous road uniform ever worn.

The #2 seed is the uniform worn against TCU this past season; a black helmet, red jersey, and black pants. This was the first time we truly saw red during the Kingsbury era, and the fans loved it. The #15 seed is the white ombre uniforms worn against Oklahoma State in 2014. The consensus was that these were pretty awful, and luckily we haven’t seen them since. Which combo do you like more?

Make sure to vote below! Voting ends at midnight. The winner of this matchup will advance to the second round to face yesterday’s winner, #7 Black/White/Red.

#2 Black/Red/Black

#15 White Ombre