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Jordan Jackson To Transfer From Texas Tech

The son of Sheryl Swoopes is headed elsewhere to continue his college career

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we can't expect to have a new coach and retain all of our players. Earlier today, Jordan Jackson announced his intent to transfer from Texas Tech via Twitter.

Jackson is the son of former Texas Tech legend Sheryl Swoopes, and had a solid freshman year off the bench for Texas Tech. He played particularly well in the Canadian Tournament, leading the team in scoring off the bench a couple of times. He'll be sorely missed, and we wish him well wherever he goes.


In his Twitter note, Jackson said that he made the decision after conferring with his "family and previous coaches". To me, this indicates that he conferred with Tubby Smith, or at least conferred with Smith's assistants. While I'm sure there was no malicious intent involved, it could mean that Jackson intends to follow Tubby to Memphis to play for him there.