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Spring Football, So Far 4.6.16

Spring Football, So Far breaks down an excellent Zach Austin route and talks the Tech Athletics live stream.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to your weekly Spring Football, So Far foray into the strange and paradoxical world of Spring Football. We've beaten the topic of the Midland Scrimmage to absolute death, and we just had a very recent post, so this post will not have the length that a normal Spring Football midweek post will have. If you're interested in any of that coverage, you can check out our latest Podcast discussing the Midland Scrimmage.

Yesterday, the Tech Athletics Facebook page live-streamed around 18 minutes of practice, which is 18 more minutes than we've seen of practice so far.

Coming to you live from Jones AT&T Stadium, let's take a live look at Red Raider Football practice #WreckEm

Posted by Texas Tech Athletic Department on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The video is a little grainy and doesn't show much, but I continue to be in love with the tempo of practices. Here's a couple of quick bullet points from the video.

  • I like the pressure that we're getting from the defensive front 4. Yes, our D is getting gashed at several points of this video, but that's the 2015 #2 Offense in the nation that they're playing.
  • I don't think there's a universal #1 Offense or #1 Defense in this video. A huge part of playing unified football is learning the tendencies of the guy next to you. I think that this will get sorted out as we go on, and for Spring Football I like the competition
  • Our Offense seems to be incredibly polished already, no matter who we throw in at QB. This is a good sign.
Next, we have this Zach Austin route.

This is a very typical wheel route by the slot receiver that is being more or less run to perfection. The route is very, very good, but the important part is the run-blocking sell by Zach Austin. He stutter-steps a tad, gives the image of zone blocking, and then continues his route. This is a veteran move by a young player. More than likely, the safety is supposed to step up and take him, but the stutter-step moves the safety's eyes back inside, and Austin glides right in to the end zone. I think this Zach Austin, and I'm excited for 2016 just watching this caliber of route-running.