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Matador Movie Discussions: Batman v Superman (Part 1)

Going into depth on the love it or hate it, Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman

It wasn't supposed to be a pod, but it ended up being one. No intro. No breaks. Just two guys talking movies for over an hour. Batman v Superman has turned out to be a love it or hate it film as Hunter and Ryan break down BvS beyond the apparent and give insight that may change your opinion, one way or another, on the film. We also compare Lex Luthor to Kliff Kingsbury.

During the doldrums of Summer, we are thinking of doing a movie discussion on some of your favorite movies. 

If you like it let us know and if you do, let us know which movies you'd like us to discuss in the future. 

Don't forget, The Air Raid returns on Friday with a Baseball Edition as we recap Tech's sweep of Kansas State and their mid-week series with Florida State.