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RUMORS: Tubby Smith Interviewing for Memphis Job

According to several unverified sources the Texas Tech head coach is interviewing for the Memphis Head Basketball coach position

Editor's Note: The rumors that Tubby was interviewing today have been proven false. They were reported on here as rumors, nothing more. This has been explicitly stated throughout this short article, in the headline, and in the teaser headline.

We all know how notorious social media is for perpetuating rumors. Two days ago, we caught a little buzz that Tubby Smith was interested in the Memphis job. We thought nothing of it, chalked it up to the insanity that comes from being a good coach.

These rumors have expanded as of today, and they seem to be at least a little credible.

It was on the radio this morning, and the Memphis Daily News reported a little on it too.

Before entering any further speculation, at this point, these are rumors only. No matter how viable or how many outside "sources" say they're true nothing is in stone yet. That being said, losing Tubby Smith to Memphis would be a huge blow to Texas Tech. We've just enjoyed one of the most successful basketball seasons in recent history, and losing the cornerstone of this season would be a huge blow.

There's always the possibility that Tubby doesn't take the job, or that all of this is bullshit, but at this point Texas Tech fans should probably feel at least a little worry.

UPDATE (12:02 PM):

Well, that was short-lived.