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Monday Matador Mailbag 4.11.16

The Mailbag is back, with some Davis Webb and baseball talk

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JM (Is it cool if I call you JM? Too late already happening), I see him at Cal.

Colorado is an interesting option with Chiaverini holding the reins to the offense up there, but I don't think he wants to walk into year 1 of a rebuild.

Auburn is right out, Malzahn's scheme is a spread, but it's far more skewed to the run game. It's more of an Oregon style heavy run game down there at Auburn than the pass heavy game that Davis is used to.

I've thought Cal was the best fit from the start. They return a fair amount of players, and are trying to get a new QB in the post-Goff world. It's a Sonny Dykes, pass-heavy attack that runs very similar to Kliff's Air Raid.

His best fit is Cal, but the pull of Chiaverini at Colorado might be too much. I ultimately think he ends up at Cal, it's just smart.

Any road game out of conference is one to be worried about, but this one is a special kind of worry.

Arizona State has the weirdness of Texas Tech in a Pac-12 environment. They're unpredictable, their stadium is wild, and the team as a whole will be looking to improve on last year's 6-7 record. ASU came on strong at the end of last year, picking up wins over bitter rival Arizona, an underrated Washington team, and lost to Cal and Oregon in very close games. They also played a good WVU team very close in their bowl game.

We should be worried, but I think we pull this out. Arizona State lost it's most versatile playmaker of the past few years when DJ Foster's eligibility expired, and his mobility will be sorely missed in their offense. Their defense will be nasty, but I don't think it's enough to throttle Patty Ice and company. So yes, be worried, but for the intangibles, not the tangibles.

I'll post more about this on Wednesday, but watch the D-Line and how they preform individually. Spring Football is an enigma. It means absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. The only solid thing we got from the scrimmage in Midland was the 5 sacks recorded by the defense.

It's not necessarily the sacks that mean a lot. These things happen in football. It's the fact that 5 different players recorded sacks. In the paradoxical black hole of Spring Football, the fact that multiple players are making good plays is the biggest indicator of team progress. If the Tech DL can repeat this performance, it'll be a good sign.

I definitely don't think that he won't break out, but picking breakout players in Spring Football is difficult. The potential is there, but until we see him play against someone who isn't also wearing scarlet and black, we won't know.

Tevin Madison. He has the advantage of being an upperclassman, he's started ever since he was a freshman, and he has tremendous upside. He could end up anywhere as the season goes on, but I think he's our game 1 starter opposite Bethel.

A perplexing combination of baseball bats, math, sorcery, and global warming.


Tacos, easy. Hamburgers can get a little bland. It's pretty hard to make a boring taco. Plus, you can have tacos for any meal of the day and no one looks at you like some kind of deviant. Try bringing a hamburger into the office for breakfast, watch the sideways looks you'll get. People will legitimately think there's something wrong with you.


Eventually, one has to break the cycle concerning great post-grunge bands. Creed is great, but we all need to have an epiphany concerning Staind. It's been awhile since most people have thought of Staind, but they're honestly really good. So good that I'd put them ahead of Creed.

With arms wide open, it's time to embrace Staind as the definitive post-grunge band. We'll have to overcome some past prejudices against post-grunge to prepare our earballs, but Staind is honestly on a higher plane. Did Creed ever make "Outside"? Did Creed ever make "Right Here"? Please, put this weathered debate to rest. It's Staind.