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Big 12 Basketball Tournament Predictions: Does Texas Tech Have A Chance?

Who do you got? VTM staffers make their picks.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 tournament starts today and everyone has their opinion on who will win. Below is a poll in which you can pick the winner as well, and if you want to leave a comment on your winner then please feel free to do so. But before you get to the poll, check out what the VTM staffers think.

Hunter Cooke - Overlord/Supreme Ruler of VTM


I would pick Iowa State because of their recent tournament success, but they're lagging behind down the stretch. I would pick Oklahoma, but OU hasn't seemed the same as of late. It's not that I think Kansas is the best overall, I just think that Kansas is the best right now.

Kyle Jacobson - MisterLubbock aka Mr. 806 aka Hub City Aficionado

West Virginia.

With games being played so closely together in the Big 12 tournament, I think their style of play is a good fit to wear teams down and take advantage of the little rest their opponents will have. This could work the opposite way though, with West Virginia wearing themselves out before the champion is crowned. In the end I think they'll pull it out.

Eric Linthicum - VTM Basketball Guru and Father of the Year Award Winner 2012/2013

West Virginia.

The Mountaineers are playing as well as anybody in the conference right now. Their full court pressure defense helps them control the tempo in every game they play. After seeing a good Texas Tech team turn the ball over 19 times against them I am sold. WVU is a team that has final four aspirations and they have a deep bench. I expect their coach, Bob Huggins, to have have this team thriving in tournament play.

Drew Borsellino - VTM Basketball/Football Analytical Analyst


I believe the Jayhawks are playing one step above everyone else in the Big 12 at the moment. Bill Self has his guys playing like the Kansas everyone has come to know and everything is running on all cylinders. The only way I see Kansas not winning is if they start looking forward to the NCAA tourney and don't focus on winning the Big 12 first. The Jayhawks will be looking to win both the regular season title and conference championship for the first time since 2013.

As you can see, the four staffers who lent their opinion are split on Kansas and West Virginia.

Who do you think wins the Big 12 tournament?