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Three Red Raiders Find Themselves On Postseason Award Lists

Several Red Raiders were honored for their efforts on the court this season

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Big XII has typically not been kind to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The conference is one of the best, if not the best, in all of college basketball, which makes rebuilding projects tough. Fortunately for us, we had three players rise above the challenges to lead us to our best season in some time.

A huge congratulations is in order for Toddrick, Aaron, and Zach for their All-Big XII Honorable Mentions. Each of these players contributed to the Red Raider's season so far in a huge way.

Toddrick Gotcher needs no introduction to the Red Raider faithful. He's most well known for raining 3-pointers on offense, but the play of his career came in a 4-on-none fast break situation against #3 Oklahoma.

Toddrick meant more to the Red Raiders than mere shooting. He consistently gave the most effort of anyone on the court, and that's the reason he's bringing home this honor.

Aaron Ross was the Red Raider's inspiration off the bench. He could come in at any time and simply make offensive plays. If you want to read more on Aaron Ross, our own Ryan Kravik has already written about him, and you can read that here.

Zach Smith was the momentum changer for Texas Tech. His devastating dunks have quickly become the stuff of legend on the South Plains.

When you see Zach Smith barreling down the court, just get out of the way. He's probably going to dunk all over you. Then act like nothing happened. That's just how the man rolls.

Congratulations to all of the Red Raider Men's Basketball team, a special congratulations to Gotcher, Ross, and Smith, and good luck in the Big XII tournament and beyond!